oh wow, im writing something :)

ok, well, i know i havent posted here for an age but, i was passing and i guess, i should say something, after not playing RS for a long long time, ive recently played a few hours on it, been playing a champion this time, curently its lvl 135, nice char to play, not difficult,but with plenty of options.
I have to say im not playing seriously so dont expect much, i play when i get time and feel inclined to do something.
oh yea, im leader of unforgiven again, since joe quit and nearly every one else left the guild i thought why not, im not going to build the guild up again, their is currently only 3 active members, myself included, and i dont think the other two are playing an awfull lot either, but, if any old member need a guild youd be welcome to come back, just dont expect anything, not doing point wars or gvgs, i dont have time to organise them, but the guild bonus's are still there and its still a lvl 145 guild so its betterthan being guildless. any way let me know, or if any one wants to message me, you can do it here or on the ogp forum, or most likely to get a reply from the unforgiven forums, www.unforgiven.netfreehost.com
ok thats it, ill try to say something again sometime, soon, maybe. ..dont hold your breath though
take care all

I know, I know

I know its been a long time since i wrote anything on here, sorry for that. life is somewhat of a rush atm, still, things settled down over the last week or so, so i actually got to play some, for those who dont know, i made a lancer / archer. I just like the idea of actually being able to kill things for a change instead of always needing partys, and as there arent that many partys in game atm it makes life much easier.
So, I was made GS, which is nice, and a pain at the same time, I dont get to ban people though, lol, so quit asking me to. Aslo im no longer guild master of unfo, I gave the position to injinjoe, see above about the time issues, and hes doing an excelent job. the guild is growing well. the power hour events every weekend help a lot, i think the members of the guild made 1.5k lvls in the last two weeks, which is pretty amazin lol.
Well, ill try to be a bit more active with the blog, but dont hold your breath.

Long time

Well its been a long time hasnt it, dont really have a lot to say atm, redstone is about deads for me now, no guilds = no game. I just hope they get their act together and fix it before i get to involved in something else.

new server

Well, the long awaited new server is up, games is running,a few problems so far but every one is happy, my chars name is still Narok, but im playing as a lancer now, no more necro :(

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, except for the Idiot that keeps spamming this blog with porn sites, you m8 can go to hell and burn
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