exp event at the weekend

Well as some of you know we had an exp event at the weekend, so i brought two restats and changed to full luck for the weekend, lol expensive way to do it but there you go..

so i actually found soe stuff for a change, :)
found a trans ring and an engagement ring, sold the engagement to marino for 150 mill, not a bad price maybe could of done better but it was a quick easy sell and i dont really need the money so....
sold the trans ring for 80 mil, yes a very low price could probably of got 200 mil for it but, sold it to amer , and thats fine cause it makes a guildie a bit better so i dont mind loosing the money that i dont really need :)

luck crown

Went item hunting with Des the other night, grabbed myself a luck 1/3 crown, which sold a bout 10 seconds later for 15 mill, and some other good items that im having difficulty selling as well.
Des dropped 2 U's in about 10 mins, makes you realise why some people are so rich , all you need is a high lvl luck tamer ,lol.

Nice find :)

Well i found albastros the Unique arrow today , apparently its not a bad find, worth a few gold as well, which is great, i always need gold :)

nice ring

Quick Travel combat ring.
mele related ocupational atack +1-+2
Item Auotomatic reload
Chaos resistance +69%

A very nice ring i think :)


Well its not a good find but its the first of its type ive found
Shady Explosive XLS, op 6-7 , fire damage +26, darkness damage 1-2 , curse 1 sec.
item sells in guild npc for 409 each

Also found a develope firm mic stick , health +49
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