Necromancer builds

there are a few ways to make a necromancer, the one i use is the klnowledge build but there is also a wisdom build, a luck build and a power build.

so knowledge build, youll need most of your points in knowledge, but also youll need a fair amount of charisma and health, my current buils is 1400 know, 600 health, 500 charisma.
use this build by debuffing with the three debuffs and then using damaging skills, dark torture, self reproof, impulse,plot of shadow and hwabyung, ofc youll also be using smell of death both for its damage and debuffing propertys.

the wisdom build is most points in wisdom but also points in health.
something like wisdom 1400, health 600~800, charisma 300 ish.
use this build in partys only, youll be just debuffing and relying on your party to do the damage. you could add points to knowledge or power to try to solo but youll never be a good soloist

the luck build is much the same as the wisdom build but with the main points in luck,
again use mostly in partys. you could add elements of the knowledge and the power build to make it able to solo but like the wisdom build it will never make a good solo char.

the power build, built with most points in power.
something like power 1400 , health 600~800 charisma 300 ish
use the debuffs then just hit it till it dies, more a solo char than a party char. but would be ok in a party, add smell of death to give a small boost to damage and to help the debuffs.


Well,i think im about done with necromancers now, i cant see any where else to go skill wise, the only real things left to do is add lvl's and thus add stat points to know and maybe health.

so i spose i should say something about necro builds, well, not long ago as a trial i restated to make a power necro, now this didnt suck totally but the damage was fairly low, ofc this would be improved by a weapon with a better op, but ofc i would loose my attack speed and thus loose my ability to gain cp.
though adding a significant amount of power at some point in time, while retaining my knowledge is a distinct possibility.

Now skills, obviously youve got to have nameless attack, it is after all the only way a necro has of getting cp, also the debufs lower acuracy and lower might are essential when hunting, not sure on there effectiveness in gvg though.
Add smell of death , dark torture and self reproof for damage and your just about done. the only other skills i recommend are impulse and hwabyung.
impulse can be nice in hunting, and has a use in gvg,
hwabyung is fairly useless in hunting, but is an excellent delay in siege wars and can seriously mess up a priest's healing of his party at crucial times in gvg.

Ive trialled all the other necro skills now and i can really see any good reason to get any of them, im not going to go into details of each skill but enough to say that they all have problems or side effects that make them not worth the effort of spending the points on them

ok equipment, well attack speed items are a must have, other than that health +% items for gvg, and defense +% items for hunting.
ofc youll also need to get the usual resist items as well, maybe some cp +% rings as well

Ok so now you can go make a necro and prove me wrong :)
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