enough is enough

Well, its that time, it comes to all of us in the end i spose, still , a necro has to do what a necro as to do.
I changed recently ish to full health as as a knowledge necro simply cant out damage other damage chars and it cant stay in the fight long enough against high lvl chars, what with them having good resists and all, so full health it wa, now however im happy with the amount of hp and dp ive got, ermm about 17k hp when buffed, 12 when not, enough that i can last for some time solo against even famous guild, with other team members as well, more than enough i think, so what do i add my points to now? well, there are three options really, cause i dont need more charisma or wisdom or alacrity, so im left with power , knowledge , or luck, .
adding power would gain me small benefit immediately but take some time to give any good reward, the same is true of knowledge, but, luck on the other hand, i feel will have a faster effect, sure, ill have to wait till i have about 600 or more before i get good drops, but with the strike rate of a necro the added crush and crit bonus will i think do more damage than putting points into power. so luck it is.
ill let you know if im wrong or not :)


Finally made lvl 600 today, lol, no I need people to do big mouse sd with. so id you do that one let me know please

reskill again

so after stating for luck for the exp event i restated back to know, thought i may as well reskill at the same time, so reskilled to hybrid necro/demon, this should help me a bit in gvg and maybe a bit in hunting as well, though im not very good at the demon side, ive not really given it enough attention to play it that well.


Well, im still here and still lvling up, :) i made lvl 500 at last today, so im over half way there, the next half probably wont be as easy as the first half, especially if they dont add some new content thats aimed directly at the high lvls.


Well I finally made it to lvl 440, so i can do SD's again :) , so now as long as i can keep up with the people around me ill start lvling again, i have to say these weeks on my own in that damn dungeon has very very nearly made me leave the game, who ever thought it was a good idea to leave so many lvls without a good lvlng spot and without any SD was an idiot, so many people wont bother lvling past 406 or so when they realise.
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