Got to lvl 80 on my DK, need to do some dungeons now to get better equips, not thatbig a fan of the dungeons though, i much prefere doing quests and following the story lines, still, cataclism is comming tomorow and im looking forward to that, ill be able to lvl my DK some more, and ofc ive continued lvling my warlock, she is about lvl 65 or so now, Ill be making a llittle goblin , one of the new races , probably tomorow morning, so i can run through the new quests and storys when im bored of doing dungeons on the DK, WOW is looking good atm, not sure i like all of the changes but I do like the fact that they keep trying to improve and update the game, if only we could get the same dedication from the people who make Redstone..

Back in the World

Yea , ive gone back to playing WOW, i have a lvl 54 warlock, and yea im hitting the same problems as before with the groups thing. still i intend to perservere this time. i will ofc have to lvl without doing the dungeon quests but i think i can probably live with that..

end of an era

Ive stopped playing WOW, its a great game but the problem for me is getting into partys, i want to do the quests but it seems every one else is only interested in getting to lvl 80 as fast as they can, which is fine, but all the quests are starting to need me to go into instances or raids and as i cantsolo these areas and i cant be bothered to wait till im strong enough to solo, it means im getting bored , so , all good things come to an end



Made myself a dragonling today, itll come fight for me , hopefully, dunno how much damage itll do though, probably not enough to cover the cost of making it.

yay engineering

managed to get engineering up to lvl 200 , had to choose either gnome or goblin engineering to continue, well i dont really have a clue but people say gnome is best so i chose that, actually looks like ill be able to make some nice stuff , eventually.
Well i made it to lvl 57 now, still have grumpy my gorilla , hes doing fine and says hi. lvling slowed down a touch as i havent had time this week to do much, better shifts next week so perhaps ill get moving again.
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