Im so fed up with the Ksing problems in this game, it may be the same in all games i dont know but in redstone there is always some one or other ksing somewhere, its bad game design that is too blame as well as some people just simply having no respect for others. any way, i think ive now made my position clear to the guild and hopefully no of them will be stupid enough to let themselves be accused by any one of doing this again

Diged up Ossuary

Been hunting in the digged up Osuary yesterday, although the lvl of the dungeon is way above me the exp is between 90-100 k per kill, depending on who is in the party,its definatly a party area though, and you really need a decent tamer with you.

Swep sd

Ive finished swep sd now, so i can move onto porin sd.:)
Swep sd is another easy one, youll enjoy it when you get there. very easy mobs, decent exp. though youll find that you have to hunt as well to get a lvl a day, having to hunt isnt so bad at the lower lvls required to do this sd, you can just pop up to swep 20 for an hour or two, but in the later lvl's your really going to need to find partys and go to porin or trum elves or demon if you have premium.
on the subject of exp at this lvl the lost armors in the gardius desert outside of damal give about 260k , the problem is you ll need to have a full, good party and kill them fairly quick for it to be of use to you .

Npw demon is a premium dungeon, so an orb of some sort is required, its not inposible to solo the first part of this dungeon, but youll need good fire resistance , however if you can get a thief you can go through a trapped and locked door into an area where you wont need any resistance, if you have a priest, i doubt that soloing this part of the demon is posible, but the exp is really good for 350 + lvl lots of kills fairly quickly.

lost armors

I searched a japanese site for a better place to hunt yesterday and it pointed me at the lost armors in the gardius desert outside of damel , well yes it was good exp 260k a kill, unfortunatly you need a full party to kill them quick enough, a bit like liches i spose, and as i seem to be at a lvl where there arent many people, getting a full party isnt easy.
I dont know why there is a shorage of people at my lvl, there are a fair few higher than me and a load about 30 lvls lower. so why it should be that there is only really three or four of us at the 350 mark is beyond me.
Any way after we had killed a couple of these lost's we went to the demon, where the exp isnt as high but again if you can get a party with a healer you can get a lot of exp, still we sufer from the same problem as above. fortunatly Loviria's kill rate is very good indeed, so we can just about survive without a healer.


Well ive had loads of problems with KSing the last three days, hopefully its sorted out now , but somehow i doubt it.
The main problem is the games design, the places that give the best exp are simply to few for each lvl, there should be , for instance , at least 4 donuts. this would give every one a chance to find a spot. its never going to happen though. ah well. other than that the last couple of days have gone reasonably well, had some good party's in demon, managed to get all my sd,s done and what have you so, not too bad.

A good day

All in all a good day today, nothing went majorly wrong, chrissy , loviria and myself did our sd even quicker than normal and set off to the demon with amongst others untaimed mellody and moykano, a good party, very good exp with more than enough mobs comming at us to keep us busy, unfortunatly moykano left the party and we had to slow down as without a priest we died reasonably often, still we managed to make some good exp.
After the party finished and there was only chrissy and myself left , chrissy purchased one of the new couple rings and gave me one, which means we can teleport to each other when ever we want, which is nice and will save us some time, the rings also allow you to add 5 points to a stat of your choosing, which is also very nice.
So yea, like i said, a good day.

good gvg today

We had a good gvg today against AI , they won , but that dosnt alter the fact that it was a good fight, it would help us if they had some low lvl people as we do so the scoring would even up a bit but im not going to try to stop our low lvl people coming along if they want to, firstly its good practice for them, secondly its only for fun after all so who cares if we loose, so long as its fun.

nice ring

Quick Travel combat ring.
mele related ocupational atack +1-+2
Item Auotomatic reload
Chaos resistance +69%

A very nice ring i think :)

siege 14 june 2008

We lost our lvl 5 guild hall today, though we put up a great defence, i think surprising our attackers. we still lost.
We managed to defend for 21 mins , which is a very good time indeed. not long enough obviously, ive spotted one or two areas where we can improve, but i doubt these things would of made a great deal of difference to the outcome, if im honest.
Still it was a great fight and we played our part in it well.
next week i hope we can take back the lvl 5 hall, we shall see.

And Action..

Spent over an hour and a half trying to make a scene from a monty python film in game today , I was getting tired and when i asked if we could get on with it was told i could be replaced. lol, its good to have friends.
Other than that nothing at all really happened in the game worthy of note today, hardly actually played even though was online all day. we did however have a gvg but it was a bit one sided we had a very good turn out , for a change, and walked all over our opponents.

Bad news today

I got some bad news today, chrissy, the person i hunt with most and probably my best friend in the game has decide to quit. thats a very depressing prospect for me as i will miss her taking the piss out of me and having the near constant chat, also ofc there are fewer and fewer people of my sort of lvl in the game , so ill have no one to hunt with, and im not sure i can stand the bredom of being solo all the time.
still thats life i supose.

NPC theory

Ive been working on a theory for selling finds to npc's , i havent really had chance to get any where near being able to say that this is fact but, this is how its looking so far/

If you find an item take it to the npc who sells that sort of item, for example, if you find a sword take it to the npc for wariors/squires.
then, if the npc offers you less than 10k sell it to him, if however he offers 10k dont sell, but instead take it to the npc in the magic armour store in strass, he buys for up to 15k.
I havent foound any 10k item he wont pay 15k for.

As ive said i havent finalised this, though in three trials i have made so far, each time ive managed to make slightly more cash using this idea.

no SD hell part two

So, thanks to the 24 hour double exp event that was to welcome a new GM, i managed to lvl all the way through the no sd hell lvl's 330- 340. it still took me way to long, the amounts of exp you can get at those lvl's are really poor.
The first thing i did upon getting to lvl 340 was ofc to do an sd :), fortunatly the sd in swep tower is very very easy, so here come the lvl's again :)

Parble quest

Well spent a long time tonight doing the parble quest wiht Chrissy, vincent, aleksandra, and shinjimx, and after a lot of trouble we managed to kill the boss, vinnie compleated the quest , now for me and shinji.


Well its not a good find but its the first of its type ive found
Shady Explosive XLS, op 6-7 , fire damage +26, darkness damage 1-2 , curse 1 sec.
item sells in guild npc for 409 each

Also found a develope firm mic stick , health +49

So Oxoxo

So oxoxo left the game straight away after the siege today, i wont try to pretend that this is any thing but a blow.
Oxoxo was a major factor in our success in gaining the hall, and is a major player in the guild.
Next week when we defend the absence of Oxoxo will not be pivital, but in the weeks to come we will most definatly miss her.

Guild hall lvl 5

Well we won the siege to gain the lvl 5 guild hall, which isnt much of a surprise. it was a reasonably quick fight even though our turn out was low compared to other weeks.
Next week will see us defending, which is much much harder, and in all honesty i expect us to loose the hall, who ever were against.
Though most of the people who have a good idea of how to run a seige seem to of left the game recently, the odds will still be against us..
But we can but try our best.

Failed sd

Well, i tried to do an SD on tribal wind with nameless (chrissy), so all went well untill the killing started. then it became obvious that tribal was gonna have problems keeping up with nameless, who runs off and bypasses as much as she can, so i tried to catch up and as im not really used to tamers and dont like the idea of leaving living enemies at my back it ended up with me getting killed, now unfortunatly in the small grave sd if the leader leaves then the npc wont talk to you when you get back in , and i had forgotten this snippet so i just automatically returned to town, thus messing up the whole sd, so a couple of noob mistakes there then, this is the second time ive had problems witht this sd while on tribal, so i think i may give it a miss from now on, ofc this means tribal probably wont be getting any more lvl's which is sad.

more rings

Found a few more rings in trum forest this evening so it looks like there will be more enchanting in the near future. :)


Well its not great but i dont find great very often :)

considerate and active setting ring : wisdom +4
max physical strength +14%


Rycroft is my monk, hes lvl 109 at the moment and going well, he uses very few pots and fights very well, currently hes still in AM sd so he lvl's about once a day on average, hes already proved his worth in attacking seiges as he almost always gets to the strat distracting the defenders away from every one else, im really pleased about how well he fights, much better in fact than Narok ever did at his lvl

No SD hell

Im right in the middle of no sd hell at the moment, lvl's 330-340 have no sd's and no real place to hunt that gives decent exp so its very very hard to lvl, the best place seems to be swep 11f still , ofc this is a party area and difficult for a necro to solo, still I have to keep going i spose.


This will be my poor attempt at a redstone blog along the lines of the superb blog by reidmar, somehow though i doubt i will be able to manage to create as good a blog as reid did, but we will see

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Well as ou can see ive now added live chat to this blog, i will be on here most days when redstone  is down so come chat with me
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