Siegfried left the game last night, Sieg is probably if not the nicest person in the game then very near the nicest, ive never know him to argue with any one. any way, he a big loss for unforgiven, and i will miss him. but he is right, his studies must come first.

Seige V AI

Well we lost the siege yesterday :(
We were within 1 min of surviving when the emblem fell. no excuses , they did well, but, here are the excuses :), we had two full partys online, and 5 mins before the end one of the party's seems to of crashed, which kicked several people out of the game, so they had to restart there pc's, one of these people was avenger, so that party had no healer, a big loss im sure youll agree, the other was our highest lvl squire, and he couldnt get back in time to carry on fighting. the other thing that we feel turned it against us was the fact that for reason i dont know, if the attacking players stand close behind the guild emblem then the defenders cant hit them very well, and some chars cant hit them at all. now i suspect this is a bug, i cant see any reason for it otherwise, and im not saying that AI used it knowing it was a bug, but , one of them definatly did not move form that spot, he probably couldnt believe his luck that he wasnt getting attacked and didnt realise. but i feel it played its part in our defeat. now we know about that we will need to look into how we can stop it from happening again.
Any way as i said AI did very well, regardless of any of my excuses , it was a good fight, and with luck we will be taking the lvl 4 hall back from them next week.


YAY Narok made lvl 400 today..
only 115 lvls behind lugia :)


Well,i think im about done with necromancers now, i cant see any where else to go skill wise, the only real things left to do is add lvl's and thus add stat points to know and maybe health.

so i spose i should say something about necro builds, well, not long ago as a trial i restated to make a power necro, now this didnt suck totally but the damage was fairly low, ofc this would be improved by a weapon with a better op, but ofc i would loose my attack speed and thus loose my ability to gain cp.
though adding a significant amount of power at some point in time, while retaining my knowledge is a distinct possibility.

Now skills, obviously youve got to have nameless attack, it is after all the only way a necro has of getting cp, also the debufs lower acuracy and lower might are essential when hunting, not sure on there effectiveness in gvg though.
Add smell of death , dark torture and self reproof for damage and your just about done. the only other skills i recommend are impulse and hwabyung.
impulse can be nice in hunting, and has a use in gvg,
hwabyung is fairly useless in hunting, but is an excellent delay in siege wars and can seriously mess up a priest's healing of his party at crucial times in gvg.

Ive trialled all the other necro skills now and i can really see any good reason to get any of them, im not going to go into details of each skill but enough to say that they all have problems or side effects that make them not worth the effort of spending the points on them

ok equipment, well attack speed items are a must have, other than that health +% items for gvg, and defense +% items for hunting.
ofc youll also need to get the usual resist items as well, maybe some cp +% rings as well

Ok so now you can go make a necro and prove me wrong :)

GVG unf v's indignaton

Well we had a decent gvg with indignation today, it went wel considering how few of us there were, and we had no healer, just druss using unforgiven, still was a fairly good fight.
Really the only 2 we need to worry about in that guild are downas and chrissy, and were getting better at killing chrissy. if we gang up on her we usually manage to kill her.
Im yet to see a guild in gvg that could beat us if we got our full guild online at one time, maybe m&m would come closest but i dont think so, ofc this means that were getting fewer and fewer guilds changing us.

exp event

Well there is an exp event going on this weekend, im not sure how long it will last nor exactly how much extra exp it is, i don't even know why its happening , i cant think of any special day it sposed to be in honor of, still, what i am sure of is that i will miss most of it because of these stupid shift patterns im having to work. ah well, its the work that pays the bills that lets me play. bah, i could win the lottery , that would be nice :)


Sorry there have been so few entries this week, but the shift pattern im having to work is leaving me with no time for anything at all. but tomorrow is the last day of these shifts , yay , so maybe i can start to catch chrissy up again. ill have to find myself some good solo spot first though..

unforgiven shop part 2

Well i wanted to get the shop up and running this weekend but i just haven't been able to find the time, ah well, ill see what i can do during the week, but it may be hard as i start a really bad shift pattern tomorrow which will leave me little time, i may not even get time to do my sd every day . ho hum..

3 gvg's today

We had three gvg's today and won them all, we are certainly working well together lately, you can see that the way other guilds are fighting is simply not up to a good standard, ofc the best at gvg were always AI and as all the original members of that guild have now left the game im pleased to say that not only have we learned to fight better from our numerous fights with them , but we seem to of taken on the mantle of the guild to beat, i truly believe we would now give them a dam good run for there money .

defendin the hall

Well the guys did a great job on saturday defending the lvl 5 guild hall against m&m, there were several of us who couldn't make it and still they managed to hold the hall. great job.
As far as i can remember we are now one of only 3 guilds to of achieved a successful defense of the lvl 5 hall.

Nice find :)

Well i found albastros the Unique arrow today , apparently its not a bad find, worth a few gold as well, which is great, i always need gold :)

unforgiven shop

well ive been working on the site for the unforgiven members to auction there game items, its turning out to be a bit more work than i had anticipated but hopefully it will work well and they will use it. i should have it fully ready by the weekend and be able to allow them to post there items on it again at the weekend with the hope of going live the weekend after that.

chrissy hat and lilly hat

Chrissy has let me use a hat with +70% hp, which has sent my hit point soring to 5 k , very nice with avengers buff i should be verry hard to kill now, and then Lilly , Chrissy's sister gave me a hat with +3 necro skills on it which will also be very useful, so my equipment seems to be improving, though it will all turn to tears when they want there stuff back :)

gvg today

well we had two gvg.s today the first against AI went well we had a good team online and won fairly easily, the second we were short of healers mostly and didnt do well at all. also indignation have too many monks, who are just near impossible to kill in gvg, fortunately they also dont do a lot of damage, chrissy on the other hand who is now in indig does do a lot of damage, and is a pain :)

guild rules

Was forced by circumstances to write up some rules for the guild today, im not happy bout having to do it because it means that i have to live by those rules, which may not always work out the way i want it to, still some things were getting to the point where these rules were needed, hopefully every thing will work the way i hope but from experience i doubt they will.
One of the problems with rules is that people think that if it isn't written down then it isn't a rule, which is obviously wrong, also others want the rules to be lived by to the letter, which again isn't always a good idea, no im prepared for it all to blow up in my face one day, ah well. thats life i spose


Well i found an attack speed +26% claw today for rycroft. which ids going to come in handy :)

point war

We had the dream team to do point war today and because of bugs still only managed just over 8 mil, i believe we could of made ten mil if it hadn't bugged.
Avenger commented that with so many people using the point war bug that gives you more time very soon its not going to be possible for us to do any thing on Saturdays but defend, which will inevitably mean us going down in the guild hall rankings , which sucks, if this starts to happen i will talk to manwe about it but i doubt he will do anything about it, which also sucks.

X2 exp event

There has been a double exp event in redstone today to celebrate the 4th of July, ive spent most of the day in digged up ossuary and have managed several lvls. tomorrow is going to seem very slow now though because of the event, its always the way.
At the same time today they have been running santa events and giving away fireworks, though why people want fireworks is beyond me, all they do is cause lag and make it hard to see whats going on.
also why they cant come up with a different disguise for the char giving the presents out is a mystery
perhaps im just being picky


Ive been thinking about setting up a blog to use as an auction site, basically the idea is that i can use category's for each different type of item, swords, armor, etc and then an individual post for each item within each category. bids would be made via the comments function and after a set amount of time the highest bidder would win.
It would be nice i think if i could do this with some other people so we could have more stuff to sell, ill mention it in the unf forum as well to see if any one is interested in joining me.
ill do that tomorrow.

recent absence

sorry ive not been writing so much the last couple of days but i havent been too well, in fact im still feeling it, i just dont seem to have any energy. it started at the weekend , hopefully ill start feeling better soon. and can write something that isnt rubbish.

Chrissy boots

Chrissy gave me some nice boots today :)
Thank you chrissy :)


Weve had a couple of good gvgs lately against peace guardians, weve lost them but we are going into them without all of our best people, saying that though we have managed to get very close to them, it is fairly obvious that if we had all our best players against there best players we would win, which is gratifying. this isnt to take any thing from the guys who ave been turning up on our side , theyve done a great job and i have no complaints. but with the best will in the world a lvl 200 char isnt going to beat a lvl 400.
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