Ya , I lvled

I lvled soloing , haha only took one week, on another note, how the hell are you sposed to lvl up if you have a tamer, i cant get exp any where with mine..

PVP and Prandel upgrades and new game

Well, unlike chrissy , i think that the pvp sucks, the only chars that can really do any good are the ones with ranged attacks, the only skill i can see is how fast you can click your mouse. imo.
as for the upgrades in prandel, im not so sure, i like some of the new things very much , solo exp is better, but im not a solo char so.
i like all the new maps, and new places to go , even though theyre all below my lvl.
the party problem persists however. so far since tuesday ive managed to have a party for about 20 mins only, and its been 5 days, so i havent lvled up either, which is getting me down. ah well.
I started a new game yesterday, its called magic world online, it uses graphics similar to redstones so i can run it on my laptop, it has some things i like very much, and some things i dont, but over all its a dam good game, it even has pvp in the game world, , i havent tried it yet im not high enough lvl but i will, it also has guilds as well as two main factions, i dont entirely understand lol.
im such a noob :)
Oh and it has a built in bot so you can lvl up while you sleep lol. my name in that game btw is Akula not narok, its not a name i use often as its had problems in the past :) (Akula that is) lol, ill tell you one day maybe, if your good and give me beer.


We have so many people off on holidays or long term afk atm that were struggling to get enough people together to be able to do anything, if we manage to have 7 people online at the same time its unusual, so i think its time that unforgiven started to recruit again.


we failed badly @ point war this week, cant blame any one but ourselves for it either, well except maybe for the bugs, first pw we did , it bugged and druss couldnt get into the field, second pw , i had to stop druss from using his meteor so the spawn wouldnt break , so we couldnt score, ive go to find an answer to the spawn problem, its destroying us.

luck crown

Went item hunting with Des the other night, grabbed myself a luck 1/3 crown, which sold a bout 10 seconds later for 15 mill, and some other good items that im having difficulty selling as well.
Des dropped 2 U's in about 10 mins, makes you realise why some people are so rich , all you need is a high lvl luck tamer ,lol.
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