Well. ive been forced into reskilling into a hybrid, demon/necro, not entirely happy with it, ive never liked the fact that so many demon skills depend on you being hit, but , with the party situation like it is i really have no choice if i want to continue to lvl up, still i kill quicker now, so hopefully i can get the 17 lvls i need to get into an sd again fairly quick, though i can see problems coming when i do get there, like who is going to be there with me to do the damn sd's ,lol

LVLing party's

Why havent lvling partys come back yet , surely there arent tha many people playing the pvp server, i mean who wants to be killed over and over by a thief ? unless theyre all theives, which maybe true i spose, but omg how borring is that , Still i found a place i can solo a bit better now, would prefere a party though, on a side note, if the GM's dont do something about all the people whoare over lvl about 380 who are leaving there isnt going to be much reason playing in the prandel server .


The game is getting boring for me atm, cant get a party you see, and although i can solo ,its sortof slow for me as a necro , ah well, things are sent to try us i spose.

power lvled lol

Got power lvled by Melody yesterday , lol, he came to demon with us for about an hour, it was nearly enough to get me a lvl, and i got more exp in that hour than in the previous 4 days, so i finished it off and lvled so now 422, only another 18 to go till i have an sd again, so at the present rate, excluding the help from Mel, about anther 12 weeks solo grinding, ha, never gonna do it , ill hang myself first.
any way thanks Mel for the help.
Goto find a place that i can go with invensible so we both get exp , any one got any ideas ?

Long time nothing to say :)

Well, they changed the power lvl rules back to how they were so i can now play again on tamer. still got problems playing narok however as there arent many party's about for some reason, one of them s that all the guilds seem to be partying only with guild members all the time, still hopefully now were back to normal things may settle down again .
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