long time no entry

so , you may be thinking ive given up on this blog, well, i havent , im still playing and sort of lvlingup , its very very slow, ive made it to 430 today, still got another 10 lvls to go before i can do ansd. ho hum.
im still finding it hard to get a party , but things have got slightly better, i actually had a party with 2 others today, i think thats the first 3 person party ive had for 6 weeks, it didnt last long but at least it happened, so maybe things are looking up.
on the guild front many people have left the game, some of the higher lvl people like druss and martin j, siegfried, invencible, conor etc will be sorely missed by both myself and the guild, others have virtually stopped playing and just turn up for the sieges, people like vansire and shinjimx are also very much missed. we got some new recruits though so hopefully they will stay with the game and grow to replace the ones who have left.
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