any one out there ?

im not sure any one actually still reads this blog lol, as all im getting as comments is spam from some japanese porn site :(

chrissy and others

Well, chrissy has left the game, thats such a loss, not just for me but for the whole community, she was super active and so much help to most people.
Still no sign of alan stern coming back either, another blow,
ive heard that Teban plans on leaving soon as well, which really means the death of the famous guild at least as a force in redstone.

redstone is dying

Well, redstone may be dying, the failure of the gm's to fix the server issues is driving more and more people out of the game every week, some days its like a ghost town, which is very sad because its a good game with loads of potential, unfortunately the server problems mean that all the gm's time is spent on one thing, letting the idiots run riot, not only in game but also on the forums, also the loss of manwe has hit the game hard, as no one in k2 now seems to want to really take control, and now sas has gone part time the rate of reply s from the k2 team has dropped to very low lvls which is frustrating people with other problems.

ooh 2 posts in one day, i must be bored or something :)

back to necro

Well, i reskilled and restated back to full necro yesterday, Also getting rid of all the wisdom i had added, was getting a bit fed up of not being very good in gvg, so i will be getting less exp/mob now but im getting partys now so i dont mind as much.
on the sd hell front, ive only got 4 lvls left to do and i can do sd's again, really i cant wait, its so slow without them.
also being able to do sd's again will give me time to lvl up some of the other chars that ive had to neglect while i concentrated on narok.
I doubt i will continue lvling, whit narok, when i hit the next no sd hell, whenever that is, ill probably call him finished then, if the game is still going of course.


Ive decided to restat to put some points into wisdom, hopefully it will allow me to gain exp fast enough so that i dont kill myself out of boredom :)
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