well its christmas, merry christmas to you all. and a happy new year..

account details

well one of my guild members gave his account details to someone who had promised to buy the account a sphere. and as you can probably guess that some one then promptly stole all the money and items off that char.
so if you read this and you play an mmorpg DO NOT give your account details to any one you dont know very very well, even then its not the greatest idea.

hopefully we can get this problem with my guld member sorted out soon, but im not going to be holding my breath for a satisfactory outcome.

take this story as a warning and heed it.

i will keep you updated on the outcome of this and i will name the person who stole just as soon as i can

chaos online

Well, i received an invitation to join the closed beta of chaos online, i hope it works on my pc :)
i really like what ive heard about the game, you can choose two different factions , on is fantasy types of chars, you know mages and what have you, dont knwo exactly what chars types are available yet, and the other faction is modern/ sci fi types, with blasters and the like, lol. looks like fun :)

well im downloading it now so ill report back if its any good or not ..:)

well the lag has returned

about 2 weeks ago really bad lag started in redstone, i complained but k2 say it isnt them, so i phoned my isp, and guess what, it isnt them, any way after i had complained the lag went away,,yay,, its back now though, and i have no idea what to do about it, so if any one reading this has any advice i would be really grateful


Well, as some know, ive been playing Legend golden plume, its a lot more cute than redstone, the graphics arent quite as good as redstones, but it wins for complexity, i havent played for long yet and i dont fully understand all that you can do but there seems like lots more things to do than redstone, not sure if ill stay in the game for long or not, but i do like it,, feel free to come along and say high, im narok and/or akula in that game at the moment.


Need to ask me a question about the online game redstone please ask in this thread. alternatively you can use the unforgiven forum @ unforgiven.netfreehost.com


Well as some of you will be aware ive been suffering really bad loag for a little over a week, now, its made for a fully depressing time in redstone, ive decided that as redstone say it isnt them andnot every one is reporting bad lag, though some are, that it mus be my isp, so three phone calls to my isp later and they say nothing is wrong, my only option is to change my isp, not as easy as it sound, ill have to find another one, and then get ot all changed over, which means new routers and settings, bah, i hate having to mess with things.. ah well..


Necromancer builds

there are a few ways to make a necromancer, the one i use is the klnowledge build but there is also a wisdom build, a luck build and a power build.

so knowledge build, youll need most of your points in knowledge, but also youll need a fair amount of charisma and health, my current buils is 1400 know, 600 health, 500 charisma.
use this build by debuffing with the three debuffs and then using damaging skills, dark torture, self reproof, impulse,plot of shadow and hwabyung, ofc youll also be using smell of death both for its damage and debuffing propertys.

the wisdom build is most points in wisdom but also points in health.
something like wisdom 1400, health 600~800, charisma 300 ish.
use this build in partys only, youll be just debuffing and relying on your party to do the damage. you could add points to knowledge or power to try to solo but youll never be a good soloist

the luck build is much the same as the wisdom build but with the main points in luck,
again use mostly in partys. you could add elements of the knowledge and the power build to make it able to solo but like the wisdom build it will never make a good solo char.

the power build, built with most points in power.
something like power 1400 , health 600~800 charisma 300 ish
use the debuffs then just hit it till it dies, more a solo char than a party char. but would be ok in a party, add smell of death to give a small boost to damage and to help the debuffs.


Well I finally made it to lvl 440, so i can do SD's again :) , so now as long as i can keep up with the people around me ill start lvling again, i have to say these weeks on my own in that damn dungeon has very very nearly made me leave the game, who ever thought it was a good idea to leave so many lvls without a good lvlng spot and without any SD was an idiot, so many people wont bother lvling past 406 or so when they realise.
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