game down

Well theyve taken the game down so that they can move the game to new servers, hopefully thatll mean we dont have to put up with all the server down time and the lag will go away, im not hopeful that we will get any new content though, which is a shame, but with luck and stable servers we can see the population start to grow again.

Update, lol, game is still down 24 hours later, omg ive got to find something else to do :)

Seige for lvl 5 hall v's rosa

Well we held the guildhall against rosa , which came as a surprise to some of our guild but i have to say not to me,I knew it would be hard as rosa are a good guild but i made a plan and for once our guild managed to follow it almost to the letter.
on the down side we managed to open the gate and let them in, annoyingly, i need to think up a way to stop this from happening. i know its a heat of the moment mistake but i dont think they would of gotten through the gate if we hadnt of made the mistake and let them in.

still was a good fight, we had the centre and the main emblem still standing at the end so im very pleased the way the guild worked together.


well, well, well, chrissy was actually playing the game yesterday, hmm hope she comes back.


Well, im still here and still lvling up, :) i made lvl 500 at last today, so im over half way there, the next half probably wont be as easy as the first half, especially if they dont add some new content thats aimed directly at the high lvls.
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