yay engineering

managed to get engineering up to lvl 200 , had to choose either gnome or goblin engineering to continue, well i dont really have a clue but people say gnome is best so i chose that, actually looks like ill be able to make some nice stuff , eventually.
Well i made it to lvl 57 now, still have grumpy my gorilla , hes doing fine and says hi. lvling slowed down a touch as i havent had time this week to do much, better shifts next week so perhaps ill get moving again.

so the noobs continued

Techies ,,,,, my arse

So the noobs

So the noobs at K2 ermm the people they call techies announced they were going to do some work on the server and that it would mean the server was off-line for 24 hours, well they took the server down all right (basically they managed to press the off button) but found that they hadnt got a clue what they were doing and just turned it back on again an hour later, (managed to find the on button, next to the off button), the reason given for this was that they came across a technical problem, presumably they couldnt find a screw driver to remove the screws holding the cover on the server.

reskill again

so after stating for luck for the exp event i restated back to know, thought i may as well reskill at the same time, so reskilled to hybrid necro/demon, this should help me a bit in gvg and maybe a bit in hunting as well, though im not very good at the demon side, ive not really given it enough attention to play it that well.

exp event at the weekend

Well as some of you know we had an exp event at the weekend, so i brought two restats and changed to full luck for the weekend, lol expensive way to do it but there you go..

so i actually found soe stuff for a change, :)
found a trans ring and an engagement ring, sold the engagement to marino for 150 mill, not a bad price maybe could of done better but it was a quick easy sell and i dont really need the money so....
sold the trans ring for 80 mil, yes a very low price could probably of got 200 mil for it but, sold it to amer , and thats fine cause it makes a guildie a bit better so i dont mind loosing the money that i dont really need :)

new entry lol

I know, i havent written anything for some time, well there are two reasons for this, the first reason is that there really isnt much going on in redstone, and i have very little idea of whats going on in WOW :), in redstone , ive slowed my lvling down so i have something to do for longer, i do not want to get to 641 and have no sd and no mobs like lugia. that would mean i definatly have to leave and find something new to do, well play WOW any way , and that would let the guild down and i dont wana do that, so for now im just bumbling along.
the second reason is that there ISNT MUCH TO DO.......FFS redstone GMs update the game, i know you have the updates, youve been making hints for months, get the work done and get it in game, more and more people are hitting over 500 and have nothing to do, do they really want all these people, who have played and payed for 2 years to give up ? strange.
my biggest dread is that when the update finally comes itll be for people below lvl 500 and will be no good for me.
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