end of an era

Ive stopped playing WOW, its a great game but the problem for me is getting into partys, i want to do the quests but it seems every one else is only interested in getting to lvl 80 as fast as they can, which is fine, but all the quests are starting to need me to go into instances or raids and as i cantsolo these areas and i cant be bothered to wait till im strong enough to solo, it means im getting bored , so , all good things come to an end


So he noobs . act 4

Well its now the end of Tuesday, so the games down time is now into its 4the day for me,, sux.
also weve had a visit from a moronic idiot on the chat server, well it gives him something to do besides playing with his self, as im sure no one else would be willing to play with him, and im not talking about mmorpgs now


Made myself a dragonling today, itll come fight for me , hopefully, dunno how much damage itll do though, probably not enough to cover the cost of making it.

so the noobs: act 3

so the noobs , called Techies by K2, seem to of found the screwdriver and managed to open the server case, now theyre pulling wires out without a thought for the order they go back in , and every one is happy and smiling, oh woe, were doomed, doomed i tell thee

here we go again

Game is down for this architecture fix again now, lol wonder if itll last more than an hour this time
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