So, i started playing evony a couple of weeks back, and so far its ok, its a nice slow little game that i can jump in and out of without it causing problems. its a city building /resources / capture your opponents city game, that runs in real time. i like it, i can see a time when it will get so slow itll get borring though, so not going to be too enthusiastic about it .

if your intersted in having a go you can use this link evony site this also gets me some points that i can use to get in game items, if you dont wat to do that use this link evony site

loads of stuff this week

so we merged with FTF guild this week, many problems and other shit. still i think its sorted out now, we will see.


Finally made lvl 600 today, lol, no I need people to do big mouse sd with. so id you do that one let me know please
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