Merry christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, except for the Idiot that keeps spamming this blog with porn sites, you m8 can go to hell and burn

PVP event

Well, i had set up a pvp event for people to come have some fun in that server for today, well only holy and I turned up, we fought and holly pawnd me, lol, So holy is crowned the Daddy of pvp and the redstone players open pvp champion 2009, actually it was quit good fun, would of been nice if it had been a real event though, feel a bit sorry for holy, he went to the trouble to show up and i couldnt really compete against him, as im crap in the pvp server


I have an idea for an event to say goodbye to the US server of redstone, basically the idea is that we all go to the PVP server and make a char, but, we all make the same char, let us say for arguments sake a lancer, from that point on you have free reign over what weapon and armor you choose and what skills and where you put your stat points, we then have a knock out tournament and see who is the winner, ofc this would all have to happen on one day, even within a few hours, and would be open to any one who turned up for the first round, any one interested ?
If i get any sort of positive response ill set a date and post to the unf forums and the redstone forums

lack of motivation

Well i cant seem to motivate myself to play at the moment, how can i , i dont know if im wasting time or what , will L&K take the DB , will they make us restart, though having said that im gpoing to start again what ever so whats the point in lvling any char ? no i can see. bit crap at the moment


Those of you who play redstone or just use the forums will know that there has been a major incident and that this has almost totally stopped people wanting to play the game, i logged in today and there were very very few people playing, you could probably number them in less than 50, Raiden theGM had promised action would be taken by the weekend. well thats come and gone and nothing, we now hope that maint tomorrow will see some action to fix our problems,
meanwhile more people take the decision to leave the game, I havent yet given up hope but its getting to the point where the game is unplayable. it is after all a game that requires you to make party's with other people to do much and if there are no other people, there is no game.
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