Got to lvl 80 on my DK, need to do some dungeons now to get better equips, not thatbig a fan of the dungeons though, i much prefere doing quests and following the story lines, still, cataclism is comming tomorow and im looking forward to that, ill be able to lvl my DK some more, and ofc ive continued lvling my warlock, she is about lvl 65 or so now, Ill be making a llittle goblin , one of the new races , probably tomorow morning, so i can run through the new quests and storys when im bored of doing dungeons on the DK, WOW is looking good atm, not sure i like all of the changes but I do like the fact that they keep trying to improve and update the game, if only we could get the same dedication from the people who make Redstone..

I know, I know

I know its been a long time since i wrote anything on here, sorry for that. life is somewhat of a rush atm, still, things settled down over the last week or so, so i actually got to play some, for those who dont know, i made a lancer / archer. I just like the idea of actually being able to kill things for a change instead of always needing partys, and as there arent that many partys in game atm it makes life much easier.
So, I was made GS, which is nice, and a pain at the same time, I dont get to ban people though, lol, so quit asking me to. Aslo im no longer guild master of unfo, I gave the position to injinjoe, see above about the time issues, and hes doing an excelent job. the guild is growing well. the power hour events every weekend help a lot, i think the members of the guild made 1.5k lvls in the last two weeks, which is pretty amazin lol.
Well, ill try to be a bit more active with the blog, but dont hold your breath.
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