oh wow, im writing something :)

ok, well, i know i havent posted here for an age but, i was passing and i guess, i should say something, after not playing RS for a long long time, ive recently played a few hours on it, been playing a champion this time, curently its lvl 135, nice char to play, not difficult,but with plenty of options.
I have to say im not playing seriously so dont expect much, i play when i get time and feel inclined to do something.
oh yea, im leader of unforgiven again, since joe quit and nearly every one else left the guild i thought why not, im not going to build the guild up again, their is currently only 3 active members, myself included, and i dont think the other two are playing an awfull lot either, but, if any old member need a guild youd be welcome to come back, just dont expect anything, not doing point wars or gvgs, i dont have time to organise them, but the guild bonus's are still there and its still a lvl 145 guild so its betterthan being guildless. any way let me know, or if any one wants to message me, you can do it here or on the ogp forum, or most likely to get a reply from the unforgiven forums, www.unforgiven.netfreehost.com
ok thats it, ill try to say something again sometime, soon, maybe. ..dont hold your breath though
take care all
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