I know, I know

I know its been a long time since i wrote anything on here, sorry for that. life is somewhat of a rush atm, still, things settled down over the last week or so, so i actually got to play some, for those who dont know, i made a lancer / archer. I just like the idea of actually being able to kill things for a change instead of always needing partys, and as there arent that many partys in game atm it makes life much easier.
So, I was made GS, which is nice, and a pain at the same time, I dont get to ban people though, lol, so quit asking me to. Aslo im no longer guild master of unfo, I gave the position to injinjoe, see above about the time issues, and hes doing an excelent job. the guild is growing well. the power hour events every weekend help a lot, i think the members of the guild made 1.5k lvls in the last two weeks, which is pretty amazin lol.
Well, ill try to be a bit more active with the blog, but dont hold your breath.


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