A good day

All in all a good day today, nothing went majorly wrong, chrissy , loviria and myself did our sd even quicker than normal and set off to the demon with amongst others untaimed mellody and moykano, a good party, very good exp with more than enough mobs comming at us to keep us busy, unfortunatly moykano left the party and we had to slow down as without a priest we died reasonably often, still we managed to make some good exp.
After the party finished and there was only chrissy and myself left , chrissy purchased one of the new couple rings and gave me one, which means we can teleport to each other when ever we want, which is nice and will save us some time, the rings also allow you to add 5 points to a stat of your choosing, which is also very nice.
So yea, like i said, a good day.


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if those couplerings work in gvg ; would be hilarious if u 2 can teleport to eachother

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hadnt thought of that ,, :)

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