lost armors

I searched a japanese site for a better place to hunt yesterday and it pointed me at the lost armors in the gardius desert outside of damel , well yes it was good exp 260k a kill, unfortunatly you need a full party to kill them quick enough, a bit like liches i spose, and as i seem to be at a lvl where there arent many people, getting a full party isnt easy.
I dont know why there is a shorage of people at my lvl, there are a fair few higher than me and a load about 30 lvls lower. so why it should be that there is only really three or four of us at the 350 mark is beyond me.
Any way after we had killed a couple of these lost's we went to the demon, where the exp isnt as high but again if you can get a party with a healer you can get a lot of exp, still we sufer from the same problem as above. fortunatly Loviria's kill rate is very good indeed, so we can just about survive without a healer.


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