Swep sd

Ive finished swep sd now, so i can move onto porin sd.:)
Swep sd is another easy one, youll enjoy it when you get there. very easy mobs, decent exp. though youll find that you have to hunt as well to get a lvl a day, having to hunt isnt so bad at the lower lvls required to do this sd, you can just pop up to swep 20 for an hour or two, but in the later lvl's your really going to need to find partys and go to porin or trum elves or demon if you have premium.
on the subject of exp at this lvl the lost armors in the gardius desert outside of damal give about 260k , the problem is you ll need to have a full, good party and kill them fairly quick for it to be of use to you .

Npw demon is a premium dungeon, so an orb of some sort is required, its not inposible to solo the first part of this dungeon, but youll need good fire resistance , however if you can get a thief you can go through a trapped and locked door into an area where you wont need any resistance, if you have a priest, i doubt that soloing this part of the demon is posible, but the exp is really good for 350 + lvl lots of kills fairly quickly.


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