Seige V AI

Well we lost the siege yesterday :(
We were within 1 min of surviving when the emblem fell. no excuses , they did well, but, here are the excuses :), we had two full partys online, and 5 mins before the end one of the party's seems to of crashed, which kicked several people out of the game, so they had to restart there pc's, one of these people was avenger, so that party had no healer, a big loss im sure youll agree, the other was our highest lvl squire, and he couldnt get back in time to carry on fighting. the other thing that we feel turned it against us was the fact that for reason i dont know, if the attacking players stand close behind the guild emblem then the defenders cant hit them very well, and some chars cant hit them at all. now i suspect this is a bug, i cant see any reason for it otherwise, and im not saying that AI used it knowing it was a bug, but , one of them definatly did not move form that spot, he probably couldnt believe his luck that he wasnt getting attacked and didnt realise. but i feel it played its part in our defeat. now we know about that we will need to look into how we can stop it from happening again.
Any way as i said AI did very well, regardless of any of my excuses , it was a good fight, and with luck we will be taking the lvl 4 hall back from them next week.


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