PVP and Prandel upgrades and new game

Well, unlike chrissy , i think that the pvp sucks, the only chars that can really do any good are the ones with ranged attacks, the only skill i can see is how fast you can click your mouse. imo.
as for the upgrades in prandel, im not so sure, i like some of the new things very much , solo exp is better, but im not a solo char so.
i like all the new maps, and new places to go , even though theyre all below my lvl.
the party problem persists however. so far since tuesday ive managed to have a party for about 20 mins only, and its been 5 days, so i havent lvled up either, which is getting me down. ah well.
I started a new game yesterday, its called magic world online, it uses graphics similar to redstones so i can run it on my laptop, it has some things i like very much, and some things i dont, but over all its a dam good game, it even has pvp in the game world, , i havent tried it yet im not high enough lvl but i will, it also has guilds as well as two main factions, i dont entirely understand lol.
im such a noob :)
Oh and it has a built in bot so you can lvl up while you sleep lol. my name in that game btw is Akula not narok, its not a name i use often as its had problems in the past :) (Akula that is) lol, ill tell you one day maybe, if your good and give me beer.


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don't leave me </3!!! and yes they took out pvp server, its been over 24 hours now without pvp T_T //withdrawel

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I dont like the pvp server, so im not missing it, :)
and im not leaving, well, not leaving yet any way , but if they dont do some fixing them maybe i will.

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