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Well, i received an invitation to join the closed beta of chaos online, i hope it works on my pc :)
i really like what ive heard about the game, you can choose two different factions , on is fantasy types of chars, you know mages and what have you, dont knwo exactly what chars types are available yet, and the other faction is modern/ sci fi types, with blasters and the like, lol. looks like fun :)

well im downloading it now so ill report back if its any good or not ..:)


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well first look at chaos online isnt looking great, ill ave to try it on my main pc before i give a definitive statement but so far its disappointing

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you should try archlord its quite good but you need a good pc. i play it on my free time when i did sd´s ofc. if you give it a try go on evengarda server. you can too try my char.. same acc details as rs xD

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Yea ive played archlord, but my main pc is broken atm, and it wont play on my laptop

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