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I know, i havent written anything for some time, well there are two reasons for this, the first reason is that there really isnt much going on in redstone, and i have very little idea of whats going on in WOW :), in redstone , ive slowed my lvling down so i have something to do for longer, i do not want to get to 641 and have no sd and no mobs like lugia. that would mean i definatly have to leave and find something new to do, well play WOW any way , and that would let the guild down and i dont wana do that, so for now im just bumbling along.
the second reason is that there ISNT MUCH TO DO.......FFS redstone GMs update the game, i know you have the updates, youve been making hints for months, get the work done and get it in game, more and more people are hitting over 500 and have nothing to do, do they really want all these people, who have played and payed for 2 years to give up ? strange.
my biggest dread is that when the update finally comes itll be for people below lvl 500 and will be no good for me.


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you could still do sd´s on narok and hang around some time and play WoW.

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this is what i am doing

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There is still places to level past 641.. it's just a matter of having a party. Leo & gale along with digi and myself grind away all day i get 40k xp @ monlinear 5f they get 25k i get 80k on 6f they get 35k forrest of time gives them really good xp its just you need either a tamer to tank or a necromancer to debuff mobs.

Itis possible to level up until 720 after that.gale gets 50m xp per day cause he is plvling leo digi and myself i get about 75m per 3.5 hours.

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Ill get there one day, but im in no rush, i dont have time to spend all day grinding atm so if i got there now it would mean the end of the game for me

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what lvl are the highest monsters in rs?

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there is one lvl 999 vampire underneath brune

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