ive played redstone since it was in beta, but i find now that there is not enough for me to do in the game and so im becoming more and more inactive, you probably wont be seeing me in game much any more, im sure my guild members will still be seeing me but outside of the guild i doubt it, so its been nice and ill c ya when i c ya


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hope to see you often narok and gl on life.
its not necesary to be very active to be a guild master. some members dont even see you on (different times), and they dont really need so hopefully nothing will change.

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And yet, youve left the guild because you say its inactive. well ive asked the vices if they want me to stand down as leader. we will see

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i m happy to be in a guild with good vibrations. no drama, no flame, its not the most active but i like this guild, often guys who have a life, a job, play when they can, some hours per day , with a peaceful mind and respect. ^_^

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yes tribal we have a good group of guys, its a shame the game isnt living up to our standards

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