Well, well well,

Well, i haven't written anything on this for ages, sorry about that,
any way, what's happening, well, in redstone, im now lvling one of my alts, lunatica, mre than any other alt, getting an sd every day, but no sphere so lvling isnt that fast , good thing is that there are a lot of us in the guild, either with alts of that lvl or juat s of that lvl, so there is always quite a lot of us, which makes it more fun. Im NOT lvling narok at all, its just pointless, i would need to spend 5 or6 hours a day every day for about two weeks to get one lvl and i just cant motivate myself to do that, perhaps if they add some new content ill start lvling him again. who knows.
In real life, im ill again, got some sort of heavy cold, coughing and doing almost constantly, im getting really pissed off with it, and for some reason its affected my hearing in my right ear, may of messed up my left as well, but my left isnt that good to start so i maybe wouldnt notice, its making life a little difficult at work as i cant always here what's being said,especially if ive got a noisy bus as well. ah well itll go away soon, i hope :).
well thats it, ill try to think of something to write soon,


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